Eyelash Extensions

Please note that all prices listed are starting prices and are subect to change based on individual client needs. Our team will communicate any adjustments before proceeding with services. 

  • Classic Eyelash Extension Set | Wake up every day with glamorous long, full lashes that last! | $190
  • Mini Eyelash Extension Set | Add subtle dimension so you can skip the daily mascara! | $110
  • Volume Eyelash Extension Set | Get the ultimate 2D-5D lashes! | $295
  • Classic/Mini Set Fill In| Touch up lost lashes to maintain your gorgeous set | $65
  • Volume Lash Fill In | Keep those lashes luscious | $78
  • Lash Lift – Skip the lash curler and leave with perfectly curled lashes that endure showers, swimming, and play with no fuss. With no damage to your natural lashes, your lift will last for 6-8 weeks! | $60
  • Lash Tinting | A perfect addition to lash extensions and lash lifts, or for those who need a boost of color! | $30
  • Brow Tinting | Achieve brow perfection with brow tinting. Do it as a solo treatment, or add on to a wax! | $25
  • Brow Lamination & Brow Wax | $60


  • The “Photo Ready” Lash & Brow Bundle | Classic eyelash extension set + brow wax & lamination + brow tint | $297 (includes gratuity)