Eyelash Extensions

Nail Care

  • Classic Eyelash Extension Set | Wake up every day with glamorous long, full lashes that last! – $190.00 and Up
  • Mini Eyelash Extension Set | Add subtle dimension so you can skip the daily mascara! – $110.00 and Up
  • Volume Eyelash Extension Set | Get the ultimate 2D-5D lashes! $295.00 and Up
  • Classic/Mini Set Fill In| Touch up lost lashes to maintain your gorgeous set. – $60.00 and Up
  • Volume Lash Fill In | Keep those lashes luscious – $75.00  and Up
  • Lash Lift – Skip the lash curler and leave with perfectly curled lashes that endure showers, swimming, and play with no fuss. With no damage to your natural lashes, your lift will last for 6-8 weeks! – $60.00 and Up
  • Lash Tinting | A perfect addition to lash extensions and lash lifts, or for those who need a boost of color! – $30.00 and Up
  • Brow Tinting | Achieve brow perfection with brow tinting. Do it as a solo treatment, or add on to a wax! – $25.00 and Up
  • Everyday Makeup | Look extra special for the day without feeling overdone – $60 and Up
  • Event Makeup | Leave looking flawless with airbrushed makeup, perfect for pictures! – $75 and Up
  • Bridal Makeup | Let us take extra time to have you looking flawless for your big day! – $100 and Up
  • Makeup Touch Up | Refresh your makeup after your service! – $20 and Up
  • Makeup Lesson – Finally find the colors that match and compliment your skin perfectly and learn how to apply to bring out your best features! – $75 and Up