Hair Extensions

Elevate Your Look with 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions

At Iridescence Salon and Spa, we offer the highest quality, 100% human remy hair extensions to transform your look and boost your confidence. Our extension expert, Monica, will work closely with you to customize your extensions, ensuring they perfectly match your personal style and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for added length, volume, or a pop of color, we have a solution tailored just for you.


Why Choose Us?

  • Customization: Monica will guide you through a personalized consultation to determine the best extensions for your needs, including different styles, colors, and curl patterns.
  • Quality Brands: We feature hair from top brands like Dreamcatchers, HelloDarlingXo, Perfectress, HairTalk, and Hairlocs, ensuring you get the best quality and variety.
  • Versatile Options: Our wide range of extension types includes Wefts, Invisible Wefts, I-Tips, Keratin Tips, Tape Ins, Clip-In Toppers, and Tape-In Toppers, providing flexibility to achieve any look you desire.

Benefits of Our Extensions

  • Length and Thickness: Achieve luscious, long hair or add volume for a fuller look.
  • Conceal Thinning Areas: Discreetly cover thinning areas for a natural appearance.
  • Damage-Free Color: Experiment with colors and highlights without damaging your natural hair.

Consultation and Pricing

The price for our hair extensions is determined through a consultation with Monica. During this session, you’ll discuss your hair goals, review the various options available, and receive a customized plan that fits your needs.


Book Your Appointment

Ready to transform your hair? Schedule your consultation online today and take the first step towards achieving the hair of your dreams! 


Featured Brands

  • Dreamcatchers
  • HelloDarlingXo
  • Perfectress
  • HairTalk
  • Hairlocs

Extension Types Available

  • Wefts
  • Invisible Wefts
  • I-Tips
  • Keratin Tips
  • Tape Ins
  • Clip-In Toppers
  • Tape-In Toppers

Experience the ultimate in hair transformation at Iridescence Salon and Spa, where quality and customization come together to create the perfect extensions for you.